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Athleisure Clothing Manufacturers Vs Activewear Sports Clothing Manufacturers – Whats the difference?


Athleisure clothing or athleisure wear is relatively a new category of men’s & women’s clothing, which is manufactured in such a way that men or women can use it for leisure as well as athletic & sports purposes, hence the name athleisure clothing or athleisure wear. Athleisure clothing is mainly used while doing light exercises, yoga, meditation and aerobic activities.

Activewear athletic and sports clothing as the name denotes is used by men and women for heavy athletic and sports purposes such as cycling, gymnastics, cricket and football. 

Whats the difference in Manufacturing in Athleisure & Activewear clothing?
Basically there only 2 differences in manufacturing Athleisure and activewear sports clothing,

  • Fabrics:-

Fabrics used to manufacture Athleisure clothing are almost always in the combination of cotton such as 65% cotton 35% polyester, 50% cotton 50% Viscose, 50% cotton 50% modal, 98% cotton 2% spandex. The reason to use cotton or viscose combination to bring the softness to the fabric at the same time, fabric also needs to absorb the sweat. Whereas Fabrics used for activewear sports clothing are almost always 100% polyester with special processing done to it such as Dri-fit. Special process is done because polyester cannot absorb sweat but it is durable since these special process is done on the fabric so that fabric absorbs the sweat.

  • Measurement & Fit:-

For Athleisure wear clothing measurement & fit is made in such a way that it is relaxed for the wearer, whereas for activewear sports clothing, measurement is made in such a way that the fit is perfect.

These are the major differences between an Athleisure wear clothing manufacturer and an Activewear clothing manufacturer in manufacturing the clothing.

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