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How to choose top best clothing manufacturer in the world?

Ok, now that you have found many clothing manufacturers all around the world for your clothing requirement but you are unable to choose the best & the right apparel manufacturer from the list of clothing manufacturers you have selected, then this article is for you. In this article, we will explore about the different factors to take in to consideration before choosing the best top largest or biggest clothing manufacturers in the world for your manufacturing needs,

  • Factor 1 – Country & City:

Based on your location, choose a clothing manufacturer based in a country, which has strong government, good shipping ports, transportation infrastructure, labour availability. For Example, India is a country with strong government, good transportation infrastructure, trustable shipping ports etc., so you can make a choice of the clothing manufacturer accordingly. Also choose a clothing manufacturer based on the city that they are located it. For Example:- if you are choosing to manufacture knitted clothing, then Tirupur in India would be the best to manufacture knitted clothing in Tirupur (if you have already selected India) because the manufacturing infrastructure is set up to manufacture knitted clothing.

  • Factor 2 – Social Compliance:-

Check whether the clothing companies & the clothing factories have social compliance such as Sedex or Wrap or SA800. Request them to send you the latest audit report and if Sedex or Wrap or SA8000 certification is upto date and valid. Choose the clothing manufacturer, who has the latest up to date Social compliance Audit.

  • Factor 3 – Quality & Technical knowledge:-

Send your tech packs and ask all the clothing manufacturers to make a proto samples based on your tech pack and your measurement. Once they make the sample and send it over to you, check the quality of the samples and see if you are satisfied with the fabric, CMT etc., and choose the clothing manufacturer accordingly.

Best Clothing Manufacturers in the World, Top Largest Biggest Cheapest clothing manufacturer in the world - How to choose & pick one?
Best Clothing Manufacturers in the World, Top Largest Biggest Cheapest clothing manufacturer in the world – How to choose & pick one?
  • Factor 4 – Pricing & MOQ:-

Ultimately, pricing is an important for selection of the clothing manufacturer. Once you are happy with all other factors, send your samples or tech packs and ask the clothing factory to advise their best prices based on your quantities. Also request them our Minimum order quantities and see if they are flexible accepting lower MOQ’s. 

  • Factor 5 – Sustainability:-

It is be additional advantage if the clothing manufacturer practises Sustainable and eco-friendly mode of clothing production or if they are OEKO-TEX certified. Therefore choose the clothing manufacturer based on inclination towards sustainable mode of clothing production.

These are five important factors that needs to be considered while choosing the top best largest biggest clothing manufacturers in the world.