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Is Overseas International Offshore foreign Clothing Manufacturing worth the Time & Effort?

International overseas clothing manufacturing is a process through which clothing manufacturers, retailers and clothing brands of a particular nation choose to manufacture their clothing in different foreign countries rather than their own countries due to many reasons such as Higher costs to manufacture clothing in their own countries, Infrastructure unavailability, etc., For a small clothing manufacturer or a bespoke custom clothing manufacturer with very low minimum order quantity, it is not advisable to manufacture clothing in a different country because of the hassled involved in merchandising, importing & quality control of the clothing. But if you are a clothing manufacturer with large buying requirement from a developed nation then it is necessary to choose a overseas international clothing manufacturing destination country, which has a strong clothing manufacturing infrastructure because the advantages of choosing a overseas international foreign offshore clothing manufacturers and clothing manufacturing companies are:-

  • The most obvious reason to choose an overseas international clothing manufacturer is the low costs involved in manufacturing clothing. The difference of costs in manufacturing clothing in your own vs manufacturing apparel in an international overseas location is usually very huge and especially if you are from a developed nation.
  • The other important reason to choose an overseas international clothing manufacturer is the clothing manufacturing infrastructure available in that country. Many developed nations such as United Kingdom was one of the pioneers in manufacturing clothing through its flagship clothing manufacturing city – Manchester. But over a period of time due to increase in wages, it was not possible to manufacture clothing in Manchester.

Therefore it is definitely worth your time and effort if you to choose to manufacture clothing overseas international clothing if you have enough minimum order quantity.

The decision to engage in overseas international offshore clothing manufacturing also depends on several other  factors, including the specific goals and circumstances of your business. Here are some potential advantages and disadvantages to consider:


  1. Cost: One of the most significant advantages of overseas international clothing manufacturing is cost. Labor and material costs in some countries, such as China, Bangladesh, or Vietnam, may be lower than in your home country, making it possible to produce clothing at a lower cost.
  2. Variety of options: Overseas manufacturing can also provide a wider variety of options for materials and techniques, which can allow for greater customization and differentiation in your product line.
  3. Access to expertise: Many countries have a long history of manufacturing clothing and textiles, which means that they may have expertise in certain areas, such as specialized materials, advanced technology, or unique techniques.


  1. Quality control: One of the most significant disadvantages of overseas manufacturing is quality control. Distance and cultural differences can make it difficult to ensure that the finished product meets your standards.
  2. Communication challenges: Language barriers and time zone differences can lead to communication challenges, which can make it more challenging to manage the manufacturing process and ensure that timelines and expectations are met.
  3. Ethical concerns: Some countries have poor labor conditions, which can raise ethical concerns about manufacturing overseas. It’s important to research the conditions in the factories you plan to work with to ensure that they meet your ethical standards.

Overall, the decision to engage in overseas international offshore clothing manufacturing requires careful consideration of the potential advantages and disadvantages. If you believe that the cost savings and access to expertise outweigh the challenges of managing quality control and communication, it may be worth exploring further.