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Which are the top 5 textile and clothing manufacturing Indian states? What are the different clothing they manufacture and export? - Synerg

Which are the top 5 textile and clothing manufacturing Indian states?

The top 5 textile and clothing manufacturing states in India along with their product specialisation are:

  1. Tamil Nadu:
    • Knitwear: Tamil Nadu, particularly Tirupur, is known as the “Knitwear Capital of India.” It specializes in the manufacturing of knitted garments such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sportswear.
    • Home Textiles: Karur is one of the largest exporter and manufacturer of home textiles in India.
    • Woven Fabrics: Salem and Erode are one of the major production centre for woven fabrics.
    • Viscose Fabrics: Pallipalayam, which is the small town located near Erode in Tamil nadu is the largest producer of Viscose yarn in India.
    • Silk Sarees: Kanchipuram is the one of the largest producer of silk sarees in India.
  2. Maharashtra:
    • Readymade Garments: Maharashtra, especially Mumbai, is a significant center for readymade garment production. It manufactures a wide range of clothing products, including shirts, trousers, dresses, and formal wear.
  3. Gujarat:
    • Cotton Textiles: Gujarat is known for its cotton textile industry. It produces a variety of cotton fabrics, including cotton sarees, dress materials, and shirting fabrics.
    • Denim: The state is also a major producer of denim fabric and is home to several denim mills and garment manufacturers.
    • Rayon Sarees:- City of Surat is very famous and is one of the largest producer
  4. Uttar Pradesh:
    • Leather Goods: Uttar Pradesh, particularly Kanpur, is known for its leather industry. It manufactures a range of leather products, including shoes, bags, belts, and garments.
    • Traditional Textiles: The state also specializes in the production of traditional textiles like Banarasi silk sarees, Chikankari embroidery, and zardozi work garments.
  5. West Bengal:
    • Silk Textiles: West Bengal, particularly the city of Kolkata, is known for its silk industry. It produces exquisite silk textiles such as Baluchari sarees, Murshidabad silk, and Tussar silk garments.

These states have a long-standing history of textile and clothing manufacturing, with well-established industries, infrastructure, and skilled workforce supporting the production and export of textile products.