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Clothing manufacturers in Tirupur, How to contact email talk to approach a clothing manufacturer in Tirupur

How to contact & email a clothing manufacturer in Tirupur India, What are the right questions to ask a apparel manufacturer?

  • How to Contact a Clothing Manufacturer in Tirupur, India:-

I have written a detailed article on How to find the best clothing manufacturers in tirupur in India, you can read my linkedin article here:- ​ – These methods on how to contact a clothing manufacturer & how to email and talk to clothing manufacturers can be applied to finding clothing manufacturer all over the world and also clothing manufacturer in tirupur, as well as the method is very common.

  • How & What to Email a Clothing manufacturer company:-

Once you find the right clothing manufacturer in tirupur, you need to find out their email address either using their website or B2B websites so that you can send an introduction email with the following details and in a neat email format so that the email looks professional and the clothing manufacturer replies to your query quickly.

  1. Give a brief introduction to your company and about yourself.
  2. Clearly communicate about your requirements (i.e) – Designs required, Measurement specs, Quantities per color.
  3. If you have tech pack ready, attached the tech pack with the email.
  4. Also give details about the accessories required, extra charges thats needs to be added and whether the accessories can be locally sourced.
  5. Email about your approval procedures, deliveries and also be clear about payment terms.
  • What questions to ask a Clothing manufacturers in Tirupur?
  1. Ask them about their manufacturing capacity (i.e) how many pieces of garments they can manufacture per day from their clothing factory.
  2. Ask them about their Social compliances (i.e) whether they have any third party social compliance audits like SA8000, Sedex or WRAP and whether these audits are upto date and valid for the current year.
  3. Also check with them about their Minimum order quantities. Some clothing manufacturers will not accept low MOQ’s hence if this does not match you can take a quick decision whether to proceed or not.
  4. Give them a sample tech pack and ask them to cost and see if the pricing is workable.
  5. Ask them to send some samples from their current production so that you can check their product quality and if it matches your expectation.