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Basic Clothing Manufacturer Vs Fashion Luxury Clothing Manufacturer - Who finds it more difficult to manufacture in Tirupur, India?

Basic Clothing Manufacturer Vs Fashion Luxury Clothing Manufacturer – Who finds it more difficult to manufacture in Tirupur, India?



Both Basics clothing manufacturing process and luxury fashion apparel manufacturing process has its own difficulties  and advantages. In this article, we will explore the practical difficulties and advantages faced by both basic clothing manufacturer / essential clothing manufacturers and luxury clothing manufacturers especially in Tirupur, South India, Asia. Basics clothes can be defined as men’s and women’s underwear, pajamas, nightwear, sleepwear, mens and womens’s plain t-shirt. Luxury fashion clothing can be defined as Embroidered, Embellished, Washed tees & dressess & hoodies for mens, women and children.

Advantages for a Basic Clothing Manufacturers / Essential Clothing Manufacturing:-

  • The greatest advantage for a basic clothing manufacturer or essential clothing manufacturing is that they have very less process in the manufacturing process. Once the fabric is knit & dyed, then the fabric can be Cut and sewn in to a garment. Due to this they can complete the clothing production quickly and get paid quickly.
  • Once fits, colors and accessories are approved then this process need not be repeated for subsequent orders hence substantial saving of time and money.
  • Basics clothing factory can set up line production, which means that due to the repetitive nature of manufacturing, they can semi-automate the manufacturing process again saving substantial amount of time and money.

Disadvantages for a Basic Clothing Manufacturer:-

  • Pricing for all basic clothing will almost always be of tight profit margins, hence even if one mistake occurs in the manufacturing process, the factory will incur huge losses.
  • If your clothing buyer or importer chooses to change the manufacturing to other factories, it will be very difficult for the factory to find an alternate bulk clothing buyer, hence the clothing factory can become idle.

Advantages for Fashion Clothing Manufacturer:-

  • ​Usually Value added garments comes with higher profit margin, hence a clothing factory enjoys higher profit margin for luxury fashion apparel.
  • By manufacturing a luxury fashion value added clothing, that particular clothing factory becomes knowledgeable about various complicated manufacturing techniques, which might help that clothing company to covert more clothing importers and buyers.

Disadvantage for Luxury Clothing Manufacturer:-

  • Quantities per color per style for a luxury fashion clothing is usually low hence resulting in less profits for the clothing factory.
  • Certain value added process such as washing involves heavy wastage because of the nature of the process. If the clothing factories are not careful enough, they might incur heavy losses in the luxury fashion clothing manufacturing process.

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