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Clothing & apparel factories, companies in India, South Asia, are there any benefits under Make in India Initiative?


Yes, Make in India program from the Government of India offers many such schemes for the clothing factories and apparel companies that makes clothes in India, south Asia and also for the Indian textile industry as a whole.

  • If you are Overseas Clothing Maker, Importer or a Retailer:-

Government of India under the Make in India initiative has opened up 100% FDI Investment in the clothing sector, which means that if you are clothing importer or retailer and if you want to own a direct factory in India to make production of clothing easy for your brand, then you can invest 100% in the clothing factories through the Automatic route, which means there is no bureaucratic approval process to set up the clothing factories in India, south Asia. 

  • If you want to set up a Clothing factory in North East India:-

Since North East India is one the major part of India, which is underdeveloped in terms of economy, Government of India under the Make in India Initiative is providing subsidies under the North East Region Textile Promotion Scheme (NERTPS), and Geotechnical Textiles in North East Region (NER). Through these subsidies clothing factories and companies will be provided financial and technical assistance if they choose to setup clothing factories and companies in this region.

  • If you are a Youth and interested in Clothing Innovation:-

Under the Make in India initiative, government of India has set up Focus Incubation Center (FIB) through which the youth of India can get trained and help in innovating technical textiles. These youths, when employed by the clothing factories will help in raising the clothing exports of India.

  • If you are a Existing & Large Clothing company or a factory owner:-

Under the Make in India initiative, GOI has introduced Production-linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. Under this scheme, concerned clothing factory or a company becomes eligible for an Incentive by the government if they achieve a minimum turnover set up by the government.

These are the few of the benefits for a clothing and apparel factory in the textile industry of India, south Asia under Make in India Initiative.

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