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Clothing Manufacturers in asia - Will these clothing factories be able to Mitigate Climate Change & Global Warming?

Clothing Manufacturers in Asia – Will these clothing factories be able Mitigate Climate Change & Global Warming?

Clothing manufacturing process is one of the worst pollution making process in the world. Clothing manufacturing companies and factories emit up to 10% of human’s carbon emissions through usage of coal based electricity, which emits carbon-dioxide to the environment directly resulting in Global warming & Climate change.  Clothing manufacturers in asia also gobble up millions of litres of fresh water, ground water resources and pollutes rivers and streams.  

On this World Earth Day, as the clothing manufacturers in India, south Asia, here are the pledges we can take to help mitigate Global warming & Climate Change and be a part of Sustainable and Eco-friendly clothing manufacturing process and help to build a better world for our future generations,

  • We can suggest our clothing buyers & consumers to move on to Cotton based clothing from Man-made fibre clothing. Man-made fibre clothing such as polyester, nylon and acrylic is one of biggest polluter as just washing these clothing, millions of micro plastics and are sent in to the ocean, which results in heating up of ocean thus directly causing Global Warming & Climate change.
  • We can also suggest our customers to opt for OEKO-tex certified Organic cotton based clothing. Organic cotton is grown from Soil without the usage of chemical fertilisers. Healthy soil can mitigate global warming and thus help in reducing the climate change.
  • If available, Opt for Renewable energy such as Wind energy & Solar Energy for your clothing manufacturing process.
  • Donate a part of your profits to plant more trees through non-profits near you location because Trees is one of the cheapest ways to tackle global warming as trees stores the excess carbon in the atmosphere and releases oxygen. For Example:- Eastman exports, one of the largest exporters of knitting clothing in tirupur, India, has pledged to support “Cauvery calling” initiative by donating Rs.5,00,000 per year for the next 12 years. This will help in planting 150,000 trees.
  • Be a part of the Save soil movement, which is requesting the governments of the world to create policies that helps in protecting and nurturing our soil. Soil degradation & desertification is a major issue in causing Global Warming & Climate change. Healthy soil can suck back the carbon emissions from the atmosphere thus mitigating the climate change effect.