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Fast Fashion Clothing Manufacturers & Companies in India – Do they really exist?


Fast fashion clothing manufacturers or fast fashion manufacturers are clothing manufacturers who can turn around clothing production in a maximum of 15 days time from the date of issue of Purchase order. Basically clothing brands in the fast fashion industry requires fast fashion clothing manufacturers who can turn around clothing production quickly because they need to sell their products before the fashion industry copies their innovative design for the mass market.

Do the fast fashion clothing manufacturers really exist in Indian clothing manufacturing centres such as Tirupur or Chennai? Yes, they do exist but these clothing manufacturers are actually not an exclusive Fast fashion clothing company but rather as per the need of a particular fast fashion clothing brand, they have setup a merchandising and quality control team, which is setup to turn around clothing production quickly. These fast fashion manufacturing factories are usually vertically setup companies, which has in-house clothing production such as knitting, dyeing, printing and stitching. Clothing factories that outsource some of their manufacturing process cannot become a fast fashion clothing manufacturers.

Therefore, fast fashion clothing brands that requires a fast fashion clothing manufacturer in India should have perseverance and patience to first identity a vertically set up clothing manufacturer and then for a strong partnership with them and help them to create a team for fast fashion clothing manufacturing.

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