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Designer clothing manufacturers vs Branded clothing manufacturers in India – who will be suitable for your business?


Designer clothing manufacturers are those apparel manufacturing companies factories that manufacture for exclusive haute couture designer brands such as Dior, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander, Mcqueen and Valentino. There may be very few clothing factories that are capable of manufacturing designer clothing in India mainly because of the low moq’s these brands require and the intricacies that are actually involved in manufacturing these clothings. Whereas branded clothing manufacturers are those clothing manufacturing companies that manufacture bulk custom clothing for reputed brands like Diesel and Nike. There are plenty of branded clothing manufacturers in tirupur in India.

If you are an established exclusive haute couture designer wear or a start up that is aspiring to be haute couture brand then you must carefully choose a clothing manufacturer that is capable to manufacture your needs. You can read my article on different methods to find clothing manufacturers in India – here. If you are a startup brand that require custom private label clothing manufacturing, then branded clothing manufacturers are best for your need.

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