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Cheap Cheapest affordable clothing manufacturers in India vs High quality t-shirt clothing manufacturers in India - Whom to choose?

Cheap affordable clothing manufacturers vs High quality t-shirt clothing manufacturers – Whom to choose?

Earlier in the clothing industry there were three categories of clothing buyers – 1. Buyers from expensive clothing brands such as Prada, Chanel, Ralph Lauren or Burberry, 2. Clothing buyers from middle brands & 3. Clothing buyers for less expensive private label clothing brands – these brands were ready to compromise on quality for cheap pricing. But third category clothing brands does not exist anymore and they have consolidated in to second category. Therefore, If you are a clothing buyer from brands like Louis Vuitton or Dior or Gucci or Hermès, then there is no question of choosing cheapest clothing manufacturers in india or elsewhere in the world, you only choose high quality clothing manufacturer.The dilemma starts if you are Clothing buyer & importer from the second category because these brands needs cheap priced clothing manufacturer who can deliver t-shirt or clothing with high quality. Hence, it is very important for these clothing buyers to have an approach and method to either find a
  • ​Clothing manufacturer who gives cheap and affordable prices. Train these cheapest clothing manufacturer to delivery high quality. This is a gradual long term process and needs trust. After a few seasons they could become high quality clothing manufacturer with affordable cheap pricing.
  • High quality clothing manufacturer, who is willing to offer cheaper price. This is also gradual long term process, where you are willing to train them in costing and help to source quality products at a cheaper cost.

Current fashion clothing industry demands a high quality clothing with cheapest cost therefore it is essential to find and work with Cheapest high quality clothing manufacturer in tirupur in India or for that matter anywhere else in the world.