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A blog article about differences between modern trendy clothing manufacturers vs ethnic apparel suppliers in India

Trendy modern clothing manufacturers in India vs Ethnic apparel manufacturers – Who are more profitable?

Trendy or modern clothing manufacturers are basically clothing manufacturers, who manufacture western clothing such as T-shirts, Hoodies or nightwear for mens, women’s and children. These modern trendy clothing manufacturers are based in cities such as Tirupur, Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai. Whereas, ethnic apparel manufacturers in India are those clothing manufacturers who manufacture ethnic apparel such as sarees, churidar and kurtis – these clothing manufacturers are based out of cities like Kanchipuram and Surat.

Which of this clothing industry is more profitable than the other? Turnover wise, ethnic apparel clothing industry is far more than the modern clothing manufacturing industry because in India, most of the women still wear ethnic clothing. Even though there is a large turnover, ethnic wear clothing manufacturers are scattered and less industrialised and automated when compared to the modern fashion clothing manufacturers. Modern clothing manufacturers are more organised, use more automation and are capable of executing bulk orders at shorter times, this makes the modern trendy clothing manufacturers more profitable than the ethnic wear clothing manufacturers in India.