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Here's a breakdown of Russia's Top 7 clothing manufacturers of Russia by country, along with the approximate percentage - Synerg

Top 7 Clothing manufacturing countries for Russia

Here’s a breakdown of Russia’s  Top 7 clothing manufacturing countries by country, along with the approximate percentage of total clothing imports from each country:

Country Percentage of Clothing Imports to Russia
China 30%
Turkey 20%
Bangladesh 15%
Italy 10%
Germany 8%
Belarus 5%
Poland 4%
Others 8%
Top clothing manufacturers manufacturing countries of Russia
Top clothing manufacturers manufacturing countries of Russia. Image Source:- Gemini


  1. China (30%): China remains the largest source of clothing imports for Russia due to its vast textile industry, competitive pricing, and wide range of products.
  2. Turkey (20%): Turkey is the second-largest supplier of clothing to Russia, known for its quality garments and fast production times.
  3. Bangladesh (15%): Bangladesh is a major hub for garment manufacturing, providing Russia with a significant portion of its clothing imports, particularly low-cost items.
  4. Italy (10%): Italy’s high-quality fashion and textile industry make it a notable source of clothing imports for Russia, especially for luxury and designer items.
  5. Germany (8%): Germany supplies a variety of clothing to Russia, including both casual wear and high-end fashion items.
  6. Belarus (5%): Belarus, as a neighboring country, serves as a source of clothing imports for Russia, though to a lesser extent compared to other countries.
  7. Poland (4%): Poland contributes to Russia’s clothing imports with a range of products from its textile industry.
  8. Others (8%): This category includes clothing imports from various other countries not individually listed, representing smaller shares of Russia’s total imports.

This breakdown provides a snapshot of the countries from which Russia imports clothes and their respective contributions to Russia’s overall clothing import market.

Apart from importing clothing from other nations, Russia also have their own clothing manufacturers. The top five clothing manufacturing city within Russia includes:

  1. Moscow: Being the capital and the largest city in Russia, Moscow likely has a significant share of the clothing manufacturing industry.
  2. St. Petersburg: Another major city in Russia with a sizable population and industrial presence, St. Petersburg likely contributes significantly to clothing manufacturing.
  3. Ivanovo Oblast: Known historically as the “Russian Manchester” due to its textile industry, Ivanovo Oblast has been a center for textile production in Russia for centuries.
  4. Yaroslavl Oblast: Like Ivanovo Oblast, Yaroslavl Oblast has a history of textile manufacturing and may still have a presence in clothing manufacturing today.
  5. Kaluga Oblast: While not as well-known for textiles as some other regions, Kaluga Oblast has been developing its manufacturing sector in recent years, and clothing manufacturing may be a part of that.