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Top 10 clothing brands that are cheaper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates than India | 3 reason why they seem to be cheaper. - Synerg

Top 10 clothing brands that are cheaper in Dubai, UAE than India

There are a few reasons why some clothing brands might be cheaper in Dubai compared to India:

  • Import Duties: India charges import duties on clothing, which increases the overall landed cost of the product. Dubai, on the other hand, has a free trade zone and relatively lower import duties, making clothing potentially cheaper.
  • Sales and Discounts: Dubai is known for its frequent sales and discounts, especially during shopping festivals. This can bring the price of clothing down significantly compared to India.
  • Target Market: Some brands may position themselves differently in each market. Dubai caters to a wealthier clientele willing to pay more for luxury brands. This can lead to higher markups on those brands in India to create a perception of exclusivity.

Here’s the top 10 list of clothing brands that are typically cheaper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, compared to India:

  1. Charles & Keith: Known for trendy footwear and handbags, they offer competitive prices on ready-to-wear clothing as well.

  2. Mango: This popular Spanish brand is a steal in Dubai for fashionistas seeking trendy pieces at affordable prices.

  3. Massimo Dutti: Offering a sophisticated take on workwear and everyday wear, you can find better deals on their timeless pieces in Dubai compared to India.

  4. Karen Millen: This British brand is known for chic and office-appropriate attire. Dubai offers significant price advantages on their dresses, skirts, and blouses.

  5. Next: This British one-stop shop for families offers clothing, footwear, and homeware at generally better prices in Dubai.

  6. Beben: This Dubai-based brand focuses on quality fabrics and flattering silhouettes for women’s clothing. You’ll find the best deals directly in Dubai.

  7. Forever 21: This haven for trendy and affordable basics is a popular budget-friendly choice. Look out for even deeper discounts in Dubai.

  8. Centrepoint: This Middle Eastern department store chain offers a wide variety of brands, including its own label. You can expect better deals on all the brands they carry, including Centrepoint itself.

  9. Brands at Dragon Mart: This massive Dubai market offers many international brands at discounted prices, including sportswear giants like Nike and Adidas.

  10. Outlet Malls: Dubai’s dedicated outlet malls offer designer brands with significant discounts on past-season collections. This is a great way to score luxury clothing and accessories for less.

While generally cheaper, it’s always wise to compare online prices before shopping. Factor in travel costs to see if the savings outweigh them.

Source:- Google Gemini