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What is considered petite clothing? 10 petite small ladies fashion clothing brands manufacturers available in India - Synerg

What is petite clothing? 10 petite small clothing brands manufacturers available in India

Petite clothing is designed for individuals with shorter stature, typically 5’4″ (163 cm) and under. These small ladies fashion clothing are tailored to fit the proportions of shorter torsos, arms, and legs, providing a better fit for individuals with petite frames. Petite clothing often includes adjustments in sleeve length, inseam, and overall garment proportions.

Here are 10 petite clothing manufacturers brands that are available in India. These petite small clothing manufacturers brands  are available in India through International shipping from their respective e-commerce websites.

    1. Petite Studio
    2. ASOS Petite
    3. Topshop Petite
    4. Ann Taylor Petite
    5. LOFT Petite
    6. Missguided Petite
    7. Boohoo Petite
    8. PrettyLittleThing Petite
    9. New York & Company Petite
    10. J.Crew Petite

Below is a simple comparison table highlighting some key differences between small ladies fashion manufacturers vs normal clothing manufacturers:

Aspect Petite Clothing Normal (Regular) Clothing
Proportion Designed for shorter stature, typically under 5’4″ Designed for average height, around 5’4″ to 5’7″
Lengths Shorter inseams, sleeves, and overall length Standard inseams, sleeves, and length
Waist Placement Higher waistlines to flatter shorter torsos Standard waist placement
Shoulder Width Narrower shoulder widths Standard shoulder widths
Rise Shorter rises for pants and skirts Standard rises for pants and skirts
Proportional Details Scaled-down details to suit smaller frames Standard-sized details
Sizing Specific sizing for petite figures Standard sizing

Availability of petite sizes may vary among collections, and it’s a good idea to check the sizing details provided by each brand.

Image Credit:- Unsplash