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What is hemp clothing made of? List of Top 10 hemp organic clothing t shirt manufacturers brands in India - Synerg

What is hemp clothing made of? Top 10 hemp clothing manufacturers brands in India

Hemp clothing is made from fibers of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). The fibers are extracted from the stalks of the hemp plant, and they have been used for thousands of years to create various textiles. The process involves harvesting the hemp plants, retting (a process to separate the fibers from the stem), and then spinning the fibers into yarn or thread for weaving.

T-shirts made from hemp fabric is known for its durability, breathability, and environmental sustainability. It requires less water and pesticides compared to some other fiber crops like cotton. Additionally, hemp fibers become softer with each wash, making hemp clothing comfortable over time. Hemp clothing can range from casual wear to more formal attire, and it is often blended with other fibers like organic cotton or recycled polyester to enhance its characteristics.

Here are top 10 organic hemp clothing manufacturers & brands based in India:

1. Ecentric: Boasting the title of India’s No.1 hemp clothing brand, Ecentric focuses on stylish and comfortable hemp apparel. They prioritize transparency and sustainability throughout their process.

2. B Label: Pioneering the hemp fashion scene in India, B Label creates timeless clothing and accessories using natural, organic hemp. Their designs transcend trends and seasons.

3. Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO): A renowned sustainable champion, BOHECO leverages Himalayan hemp to create a versatile range of apparel and accessories. Their mission is to educate, cultivate, and motivate through hemp.

4. B.E Hemp: Established in Bangalore, B.E Hemp offers not just hemp clothing but also decorative products like bags, belts, and dreamcatchers. They also promote edible hemp protein powder and seeds.

5. AntarAntar: This brand embraces the beauty of minimalism and handcrafted details in their hemp garments. They focus on slow fashion and ethical production practices.

6. Poolan Shoes: Stepping into the realm of footwear, Poolan Shoes crafts durable and stylish hemp footwear, including flip-flops and sneakers. Their designs cater to both men and women.

7. SaralSutra: For those seeking classic silhouettes and comfort, SaralSutra offers a range of hemp kurtas, dresses, and pants with a focus on natural dyes and timeless styles.

8. The Hemp Studio: Specializing in handloom and handspun hemp textile production, The Hemp Studio creates unique and eco-friendly clothing pieces with an artisanal touch.

9. The House of Hemp: Based in Kerala, this brand combines traditional Indian weaves with contemporary designs to create a unique collection of hemp apparel for men and women.

10. TISH: Focusing on functionality and versatility, TISH offers activewear and sportswear made from organic hemp and other sustainable materials.

These are the top 10 hemp clothing & t shirt manufacturers in India.

Source:- Google Gemini