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6 Step Guide to find clothing manufacturers in the US | Are there still clothing factories manufacturing clothing in the USA? - Synerg

How do I find clothing manufacturers in the US? Are there still clothing factories in the US?

Finding clothing manufacturers in the US can be done through several methods. Yes, there are still clothing factories operating in the US, although they are not as numerous as they once were due to globalization and outsourcing. Here are steps you can take to locate clothing manufacturers in the US:

  1. Online Search: Use search engines like Google to look for clothing manufacturers or clothing factories in the US. Try using specific keywords like “clothing manufacturers USA” or “apparel factories in [your state].”
  2. Industry Trade Shows: Attend trade shows and events focused on apparel and fashion. These events often feature local manufacturers showcasing their products and capabilities. Some of the famous fashion manufacturers trade shows in the US includes but not limited to-
    • Magic Las Vegas
    • New York Fashion Week (NYFW)
    • Texworld USA
    • Apparel Sourcing USA
    • Sourcing at Magic
    • Project Las Vegas
    • Chicago Collective
    • Outdoor Retailer
    • LA Textile Show
    • Miami Swim Week
  3. Online Directories: Use online directories like Maker’s Row, Thomasnet, or ApparelSearch to find clothing manufacturers by location and specialty.
  4. Networking: Reach out to other designers, entrepreneurs, or industry professionals using Linkedin Groups such as Apparel & Textiles Professionals Network or you can also use Subreddit such as Streetwear Startup. They may have recommendations or contacts for US-based manufacturers. You can also use in-mail facilities in Linkedin to contact the manufacturers directly.
  5. Local Resources: Check with local chambers of commerce such as US chamber of Commerce, industry associations, or economic development agencies. They can provide information on manufacturers in your area.
  6. Trade Publications: Subscribe to or browse industry publications and magazines. They often list manufacturers or feature articles about them.

While manufacturing in the US can be more expensive compared to choosing international overseas clothing manufacturers, there are advantages such as faster turnaround times, closer oversight of production, and the ability to support local businesses and workers.

Clothing factories in the USA are located in various states, though they are more concentrated in certain regions known historically for textile and apparel manufacturing. Here are some key locations where clothing factories are commonly found:

  1. Los Angeles, California: LA has a vibrant garment district and is known for its fashion industry, particularly for casual wear, denim, and activewear.
  2. New York City, New York: NYC is a major hub for fashion and has a mix of high-end designers and manufacturers specializing in various types of apparel.
  3. North Carolina: The state has a strong textile heritage, and cities like Charlotte and Greensboro have clothing factories focusing on various types of apparel.
  4. Georgia: Atlanta and surrounding areas have a growing presence in garment manufacturing, especially for activewear and performance fabrics.
  5. Texas: Cities like Dallas and Houston have apparel manufacturing facilities, particularly for Western wear and workwear.
  6. Pennsylvania: Historically a center for textiles, cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have garment factories producing a range of clothing items.
  7. Massachusetts: Known for its textile mills, the state still has manufacturers specializing in technical textiles and outdoor clothing.
  8. Tennessee: Nashville and Knoxville have clothing factories, especially for casual and lifestyle apparel.
  9. Florida: Miami and surrounding areas focus on swimwear, resort wear, and other warm-weather clothing.
  10. Oregon: Portland and Eugene have manufacturers specializing in outdoor and activewear.