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5 differences between Cmt (Cut, make, trim) clothing manufacturers vs fpp (Full package production) clothing manufacturers. - Synerg

5 differences between Cmt clothing manufacturers vs fpp (Full package production) clothing manufacturers

CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) clothing manufacturers and FPP (Full Package Production) clothing manufacturers are two distinct types of garment production factory models. Here are five key differences between them:

  1. Scope of Services:
    • CMT: CMT manufacturers primarily focus on the production of garments based on designs and patterns provided by the client. They are responsible for cutting, sewing, and attaching trims, but other components like fabrics and accessories need to be sourced separately by the client.
    • FPP: Full Package Production manufacturers offer a more comprehensive service. They not only handle the cutting, sewing, and trimming but also provide sourcing and supply of all required materials, including fabrics, buttons, zippers, labels, and other accessories.
  2. Client Involvement:
    • CMT: In CMT production, clients have greater control over the sourcing of materials and can maintain more oversight throughout the manufacturing process. They need to source and supply all the components and materials required for the garment.
    • FPP: In Full Package Production, clients have less involvement in the material sourcing and can rely on the manufacturer to procure all necessary components. This reduces the client’s logistical and administrative burden.
  3. Cost and Pricing:
    • CMT: CMT production is often cost-effective for clients who have established supply chain connections and can source materials at competitive prices. However, clients bear the responsibility of negotiating and securing the materials.
    • FPP: Full Package Production clothing manufacturers tends to be costlier, as manufacturers take care of the entire supply chain, but it can provide more convenience and reliability. The cost is generally all-inclusive, covering both production and material sourcing.
  4. Lead Times:
    • CMT: Lead times in CMT manufacturing can be more variable and depend on the efficiency of the client’s material sourcing process, as well as the manufacturer’s production capacity.
    • FPP: Full Package Production often has more predictable lead times since manufacturers have control over material procurement and can plan production accordingly.
  5. Risk and Responsibility:
    • CMT: Clients bear a higher level of risk and responsibility in CMT production, as they must manage material sourcing, quality control, and logistics. Any issues with the materials or delays can impact the production process.
    • FPP: In Full Package Production, manufacturers assume more responsibility for sourcing quality materials and managing the supply chain. Clients have reduced risk and can focus on design and marketing aspects.
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Both CMT and FPP have their advantages and drawbacks, and the choice between them depends on the specific needs and capabilities of the client, as well as the nature of the project and the desired level of control and involvement in the production process.