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Apparel manufacturers in Tirupur - A blog post about effects of 2022 inflation on the textile hosiery apparel suppliers of tirupur.- Synerg

Apparel manufacturers in Tirupur – The Effects of 2022 Inflation on the textile manufacturers

2022 Inflation – Which has caused unusual increases of food prices, clothing prices and other essential commodities all over the world including in Tirupur, India, is mainly caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and Ukraine-Russia War. This inflation even though has not affected India in severe way, it still has a negative effect on raw materials prices for the clothing manufacturers in tirupur. Some of the negative effects of Inflation 2022 on the clothing manufacturers in Tirupur are:-
  • Cotton/Yarn Prices:-

Inflation 2022 has caused a severe increase & fluctuation in the prices of cotton and yarn. This has severely affected the hosiery textiles apparel manufacturers of tirupur in India to confirm prices with the buyers and importers.

  • Accessories Prices:-

Most of the accessories used by the apparel manufacturers in tirupur in India are based on plastics and Global hike in crude oil prices has directly affected the prices for accessories such as hanger and labels.

  • Labour Costs:-

Due to the increase of essential commodities including groceries, petrol & diesel, labour costs for clothing manufacturers in Tirupur, India has gone up as well.

  • Shipping & logistics costs:-

Container shortage due to Covid-19 has caused gradual increase in the shipping and logistics cost for clothing manufacturers in Tirupur in India. Inflation 2022 has increased the shipping & logistics costs upto 3 times.All these factors has caused immense pressure on the clothing manufacturers in tiurpur india. But even with these Inflation 2022 challenges, the clothing manufacturers in tirupur are confirming the best prices in line with the recent inflation.