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Which is the No 1 apparel textile company in India in terms of Market Capilization, Employee size, Manufacturing capacity, turnover. -Synerg

Which is the No 1 apparel textile company in India?

In terms of Market capital, these three are the largest apparel company in India:-

  • Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited (ABFRL) with a market cap of around ₹77,000 crores, this is one of the largest apparel company in India operation retail stores such as Pantalon, Peter England, Allen Solly and Van Heusen.
  • Page industries Limited (Jockey) with a market cap of around ₹31,000 crores is one the No 1 apparel company in India. Page Industries has a strong presence in the innerwear and leisurewear segments.
  • Tata Trent: Founded in 1952 as Lakme and changed in to Trent limited, boasts of multiple retail stores such as Zudio and West side with the overall market capitalisation of ₹1,12,849 crore (approximately US$15 billion).

In terms of Turnover, here are two strong contenders for the top spot:-

Raymond Ltd.

  • Established in 1925, Raymond is a household name in India with a diverse portfolio of textiles and garments.
  • It boasts a market share exceeding 60% in worsted suiting fabrics, making it a leading fabric manufacturer.

Vardhman Textiles Limited

  • Founded in 1965, Vardhman is a leading manufacturer of yarn, fabric, and acrylic fiber.
  • It operates over 20 manufacturing plants across India and is considered the country’s largest textile company with annual sales exceeding US$1 billion.

In terms of Employee size & Clothing manufacturing capability – Shahi Exports:-

  • With a workforce of around 87,000 employees, Shahi Exports consistently ranks as one of the largest apparel manufacturers in India, both in terms of employees and production capacity.
  • Founded in 1974, it boasts over 50 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and three textile mills spread across eight Indian states.
  • It has an impressive annual production capacity of 100 million pieces and a remarkable turnover of 3200 crores.