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What is a clothing manufacturing company, what is a clothing manufacturer

What is a Clothing manufacturing company & Who is a Clothing manufacturer?

A Clothing manufacturer is an organisation, which is run by groups of skilled individuals, who come together to create an synergy in manufacturing bulk clothing combining human skills, machines and latest technologies. Clothing manufacturers can be classified according to the type of clothing they manufacture and also by the process that they are involved in the apparel manufacturing process.

Types of Fashion Clothing & Apparel, a clothing manufacturer can manufacture:-

  • Silk Sarees, Cotton Sarees and Churidhar
  • Knit tops, Woven tops, T-shirts & Sweatshirts using varieties of Printing & Washing techniques
  • Knit tops & Woven Tops, T-shirts in 100% Viscose, 50% Cotton / 50% Viscose, 95% Viscose / 5% Spandex.
  • Knit tops, Woven tops & Tee shirts in 95 / 5 Cotton Lycra and Viscose Lycra.
  • Knit tops, Woven tops and T-shirts using 100% linen, 100% modal, 50% Cotton / 50% modal fabrics.
  • Knit tops, Woven tops, T-shirts using 100% Bamboo, 50% Cotton / 50% Bamboo fabrics.
  • Knit tops, Woven tops, & Tee shirts in 100% Organic cotton with Organic certification.
  • Knit tops, Woven tops, Tee shirts & Sweatshirts in 50% Polyester / 45% Cotton / 5% Lycra.
  • Knit tops, Woven tops, T-shirts & Sweatshirts using special yarn such as neppy or marl yarn.
  • PK polo shirts with Yarn Dyed Auto Stripes.
  • Casual fashion clothing such as Jeans, Denim shorts.
  • Men’s, Ladies, Boys & Girls Sleepwear, pajamas and loungewear.
  • Streetwear T-shirts in Jersey, Interlock and Rib fabric in varied GSM’s
  • Baby rompers, Baby bags & Baby bibs using jersey and interlock fabric. 
  • Undergarments such as Brassiere, Panties and Boxershorts
  • Other Tradional dress such as Japanese or African.
  • Formal clothing such as Suits, Trousers and Shirts.
  • Sports clothing such as yoga wear and athleisure apparel.
  • Outwears such as hoodies and Jackets.
  • All kinds of Menswear, WomenswearChildrenswear and Babywear.​​

A Clothing manufacturing company can also be defined by the varieties of process they do in the overall manufacturing of a garment. A clothing manufacturer can be a

  • Yarn mill – which only manufacturers the yarn required for clothing but does not involve in other part of the clothing manufacturing.
  • Knitting mill / Weaving mill, which only does the knitting or weaving process of the fabric. This is also an clothing manufacturing company.
  • Dyeing mill, which is purely involved in the dyeing process of apparel manufacturing process, is also a clothing manufacturing company.
  • Embroidery & Printing Companies, who are involved in printing and embroidery application to the garment, are also apparel manufacturing companies.
  • Stitching or CMT – Cut, Make & Time factories, which is the final process in the manufacturing the clothing, is also a clothing manufacturing factory, which completes the production of an apparel, packs it and ships it to the buyer.
  • Buying Agents or Apparel Sourcing companies or Buying office, is that part of clothing manufacturing company, which is involved in Marketing, Merchandising and Quality control of all the apparel manufacturing process.
  • All other companies such as washing mills, accessories manufacturers, which are directly or indirectly involved in the clothing manufacturing process is also an clothing manufacturing company.

A Clothing manufacturer is a person, who is either skilled or unskilled, contributes directly or indirectly to the overall clothing manufacturing process.