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Top 5 clothing manufacturing countries where Canada get its clothes from, along with their respective market shares - Synerg

Top 5 Clothing manufacturing and exporting countries of Canada

The top five clothing manufacturing countries where Canada get its clothes, along with their respective market shares, are as follows:

  1. China: China is the largest exporter of clothing to Canada, holding approximately 30-35% of the market share. China’s dominance in the global textile industry is due to its vast manufacturing capabilities, cost-effective labor, and extensive supply chains​ 
  2. Bangladesh: Bangladesh is a significant exporter to Canada, accounting for about 12-14% of the market share. The country’s competitive advantage lies in its low labor costs and substantial garment production capacity​.

    Top 5 clothing manufacturers of canada
    Top 5 clothing manufacturers of canada; Image Source:- Gemini
  3. Vietnam: Vietnam contributes around 10-12% of the clothing imported to Canada. Vietnam’s textile industry has grown rapidly, supported by favorable trade agreements and proximity to key markets​.
  4. India: India exports about 5-7% of clothing to Canada. Its diverse textile industry and competitive pricing contribute to its strong position in the global market​.
  5. Turkey: Turkey accounts for approximately 3-5% of the clothing imports into Canada. The country’s textile industry is known for its high-quality fabrics and strategic location between Europe and Asia​.

These figures highlight the significant role these countries play in supplying clothing to the Canadian market, driven by their respective strengths in manufacturing, labor costs, and trade policies.

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Clothing manufacturing in Canada has experienced significant changes over the years, but there are still regions with in Canada where apparel manufacturing happes, albeit to a lesser extent compared to previous decades. Some areas where clothing manufacturing still happens in Canada include:

  1. Montreal, Quebec: Montreal has historically been a hub for the apparel industry in Canada. While many factories have closed over the years due to outsourcing and cheaper labor abroad, there are still some manufacturers operating in the city, particularly in niche markets like high-end fashion or specialized technical clothing.
  2. Toronto, Ontario: Similar to Montreal, Toronto has seen a decline in clothing manufacturing but still has some remaining businesses, particularly those focusing on custom or small-batch production, as well as specialized garments.
  3. Vancouver, British Columbia: Vancouver has a smaller but still notable garment manufacturing industry, with a focus on outdoor and activewear due to its proximity to outdoor recreation areas and the Pacific Rim market.
  4. Winnipeg, Manitoba: While not as prominent as in the past, Winnipeg still has some clothing manufacturers, often specializing in workwear, uniforms, or indigenous-inspired garments.