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Top 10 shorts brands in india with diverse range of styles, emphasize local manufacturing by using shorts manufacturers in tirupur & ludhiana.

Top 10 shorts manufacturers brands made in India

When looking specifically for kids and mens shorts manufacturers that are made in India, the focus shifts to brands that emphasize on local production. Here are ten prominent shorts manufacturers brands India:

  1. Nivia – An Indian brand well-known for its sportswear, including a range of athletic shorts.
  2. Arvind Limited – As one of the largest textile manufacturers in India, Arvind produces a wide variety of garments, including shorts under various brands.
  3. Indian Terrain – Specializes in premium casual wear for men, including a wide range of stylish and comfortable shorts.
  4. Duke – A popular brand for casual and sportswear, Duke manufactures a variety of shorts for men, women, and children.
  5. Lux Cozi – Known primarily for its innerwear, Lux Cozi also offers a range of casual shorts made in India.
  6. Blackberrys – Offers a range of formal and casual wear, including stylish and high-quality shorts for men.
  7. Mufti – A leading men’s fashion brand in India that offers a variety of casual shorts with a focus on contemporary styles.
  8. Peter England – Part of the Aditya Birla Group, Peter England produces a variety of men’s clothing, including casual and formal shorts.
  9. Spykar – Known for its denim and casual wear, Spykar manufactures trendy shorts, primarily focusing on the younger demographic.
  10. Red Tape – A well-known Indian brand offering a range of footwear and apparel, including casual and sporty shorts.

These top 10 shorts brands in india not only cater to a diverse range of styles and preferences but also emphasize local manufacturing by using shorts manufacturers in tirupur or ludhiana, supporting the “Make in India” initiative.