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What is fabric is best & most used by t shirt jersey manufacturers. 10 differences between different fabrics used for t-shirts - Synerg

Which fabric is best for t shirts?

Here are some reasons why jersey knit fabric is often considered the best choice for t-shirts by the t shirt jersey manufacturers:

  1. Comfort: Jersey knit fabric is soft, lightweight, and has a smooth texture, providing a comfortable feel against the skin.
  2. Breathability: It offers good breathability, allowing air to flow through the fabric and helping to keep the body cool and dry, especially during warmer weather.
  3. Stretch: Jersey knit fabric typically has a slight stretch, providing flexibility and ease of movement, which is essential for the comfort of a t-shirt.
  4. Durability: While jersey knit fabric is lightweight, it is also durable and resilient, able to withstand regular washing and wearing without losing its shape or integrity.
  5. Versatility: Jersey knit fabric comes in various blends, including cotton, polyester, rayon, and blends thereof, allowing for versatility in terms of texture, drape, and performance.
  6. Affordability: Jersey knit fabric is often more affordable compared to other knit fabrics, making it accessible for a wide range of consumers.

A detailed comparison of different t-shirts fabrics including jersey that t-shirt manufacturers use to manufacture custom t-shirts:

Characteristics Jersey Fabric Interlock Fabric Pique Fabric Rib Fabric
Construction Single-knit Double-knit Double-knit Double-knit
Texture Smooth Smooth Textured Ribbed
Thickness Lightweight Medium-weight Medium-weight Medium to Heavyweight
Stretchiness Moderate High Low High
Reversibility No Yes No No
Breathability High Moderate Moderate Low to Moderate
Durability Moderate High High High
Appearance Flat on both sides Smooth on both sides Textured surface Raised vertical lines (ribs)
Use Everyday wear, casual occasions All-purpose, casual to formal Sportswear, casual occasions Cuffs, collars, hemlines
Price Moderate Moderate to High Moderate to High Moderate to High