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What is Supima cotton & pima cotton? 12 differences between supima cotton clothing & pima cotton t-shirt manufacturer - Synerg

12 differences between supima cotton clothing & pima cotton t-shirts

What is Supima cotton and Pima cotton?

Supima cotton and Pima cotton are both high-quality cotton varieties known for their softness, durability, and luxurious feel. However, Supima cotton is a specific type of Pima cotton, as Supima is a trademarked term that designates cotton grown in the United States under certain quality standards. Here are 12 differences between Supima cotton clothing and Pima cotton t-shirts:

Feature Supima Cotton Pima Cotton
Origin and Certification Grown in the United States under Supima standards Can be grown in various regions, including the United States, Peru, etc.
Quality Standards Strict standards set by the Supima Association Quality may vary, not necessarily meeting Supima standards
Fiber Length Typically longer fibers, contributing to softness and strength Longer fibers than regular cotton but may not meet Supima length requirements
Softness Known for exceptional softness, often compared to luxury fabrics Soft, but softness can vary based on fiber length and processing
Durability Generally more durable and resistant to pilling Offers good durability but may not be as resilient as Supima
Price Often priced higher due to the association with quality and standards Generally more affordable compared to Supima
Availability Limited to cotton grown in the United States meeting Supima standards More widely available, grown in various countries
Brand Recognition Recognizable by the Supima trademark May not carry the same level of brand recognition as Supima
Environmental Impact Grown under specific standards that may include environmentally friendly practices Environmental impact can vary depending on growing practices
Cotton Plant Varieties Primarily derived from specific Pima cotton varieties (e.g., Pima S-1, Pima S-6) Encompasses a broader range of cotton varieties
Global Production Primarily grown in the United States Grown in various countries, including the United States, Peru, Australia, etc.
Market Positioning Positioned as a premium, luxury product Positioned as high-quality cotton but may not always carry the same luxury connotations


When choosing between Supima cotton t-shirt manufacturer in india and Pima cotton clothing t-shirts manufacturers, consider your priorities regarding factors such as origin, quality, and price. Both options offer superior comfort compared to regular cotton.