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How to find contact clothing fashion apparel buyers? With different email finding services that can help you to find fashion garment buyer contact details.

How to contact fashion apparel buyers?

Contacting fashion garment buyers can be a crucial step in getting your products into the market. Here’s a general guideline on how to contact fashion apparel buyers:

  1. Research and Identify Potential Buyers: Start by researching and identifying potential apparel garment buyers who are a good fit for your products. Look for retailers, department stores, boutiques, online marketplaces, and wholesalers that align with your manufacturing capability and target audience. You can also use marketplaces such as Foursource, Sewport, Alibaba or Indiamart to identify a potential garment buyer.
  2. Have your own Domain: It is very important to have your own domain address. This ensures professionalism and greater chance of getting a reply from the clothing buyers.
  3. Create a Professional Email/Presentation: Develop a compelling and professional email that showcases your apparel collection. This could include high-quality images, product descriptions, pricing information, sizing details, and any other relevant information that will help buyers understand your products. View my blog on – How to write an email to a garment buyer (with example emails)
  4. Craft a Compelling Pitch: When reaching out to buyers, craft a personalized and compelling pitch. Explain why your products are unique, highlight any trends or market demand your products fulfill, and emphasize the benefits of partnering with your brand.
  5. Cold Emails and Calls: While cold outreach can be challenging, it can also be effective if done right. Send personalized emails to the appropriate contacts within the buying teams, introducing your brand and products. Keep the emails concise, engaging, and tailored to the recipient.

OK, now you have the Emails and presentation ready to send, here are the ways to find out the email address of the fashion clothing buyers:

  1. Social Media: Many people include their contact information, including email addresses, on their social media profiles. Check the “About” or “Contact” sections of their profiles if they have made that information public.
  2. Professional Websites: If the person has a professional website, they might have a contact page or email address listed for business inquiries.
  3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where people often list their contact information. If you’re connected on LinkedIn, you might find their email address there.
  4. Email look up Services:

Email lookup services can be used to find garment buyer contact details associated with an email address. It is important that you know the first last name of the person and the domain of the company before using these tools (which can be found using Linkedin). Keep in mind that the use of such services should be within legal and ethical boundaries, and they might not always provide accurate or up-to-date information. Here are a few email lookup services:

  1. Hunter (formerly Email Hunter): This service allows you to find email addresses associated with a domain. It also provides a confidence score for the accuracy of the email address.
  2. Another great email finding service that is completely free of cost and helps you accurately find emails provided you know the name of the person and the domain.
  3. Voila Norbert: Similar to Hunter, Voila Norbert helps you find email addresses by providing a person’s name and their company’s domain.
  4. Clearbit Connect: Clearbit Connect is a tool that helps you find email addresses and other contact information based on the person’s name and company domain.
  5. Find That Email: This service claims to help you find email addresses using the person’s name and domain.
  6. provides email finder tools along with other email-related features like email verification and sending campaigns.
  7. EmailMatcher: EmailMatcher allows you to search for email addresses using a person’s name, and it might also provide additional information.
  8. Pipl: Pipl is a people search engine that can help you find information, including email addresses, by searching using a person’s name, location, or other details.
  9. FullContact: FullContact is a contact management platform that can help you gather information about people, including email addresses.
  10. ZoomInfo: ZoomInfo is a comprehensive B2B contact database that provides contact information, including email addresses, of professionals and businesses.
  11. Lead411: Lead411 provides B2B contact information and company intelligence, which might include email addresses.