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Business Model, Apparel Clothing Buying Agency in India

Business Model

As an experienced apparel clothing buying agency based in the t-shirts manufacturing industry in Tirupur in India with turnover of over $10 million, our buyers are assured of best of price, quality and service.

We at ‘Synerg’, as an apparel clothing agency based in Tirupur in India, have learned the business process of this garment industry and have developed a effcient business model through which we implement all our orders. Our business model incorporates into our vision of providing the best of ‘PQS’ – Price, Quality and Service to our buyers.

STEP 1:- Costing and Sampling

  • Our buyers send us the CADS/Samples for Costing.
  • We Quote them the best possible price using our wide network of factories.
  • Our buyers then place us the sampling programme.
  • We deliver the samples with in a maximum of 21 days.
  • Our buyers then confirm the orders.

STEP 2:- Threat Identification

We, as an experienced t-shirts garments sourcing agents in Tirupur in India,  realise that the Initial stages of any order is the most critical, therefore our business model in designed in such a way that most of the problems are identified and rectified as soon as the orders are placed.

  • Once the orders are received, the relavant QC’s organise a meeting with the concerned merchandising department to discuss about the potential threats of that particular style.
  • Once the threat is identfied and solvable, it is marked in the PO’s then given to our suppliers so that everybody can be aware of the possible problem. If the threat is unsolvable, the same is informed to the buyer and a suitable alternative is decided.

STEP 3:- Timeline

We, as an experienced apparel clothing buying agency in tirupur in India, are completely aware of the importance of delivery date of any order therefore we not only aim the Final delivery date but more importantly the submission timelines with in the delivery date.

1, Sample sending Timelines from the date of placement of orders:-

  • 15 days to send Fit samples/Lab dips for approval
  • 15 days to send Accessories/Hangers for the receipt of LOF.
  • 25 days to send Proto/Buying samples.
  • 40 days to send Pre-production samples.

2, Sampling sending Timelines from the delivery date of the orders:-

  • 10 days before delivery to send the Production sample.
  • 10 days before to send all test reports.
  • 3 days before to send all the AQL reports.

STEP 4: Approvals

We, as an t-shirts sourcing agency in tirupur in India, understand the importance of approvals from our buyers as our intention is to make the goods exactly the way our buyer wants us to and hence have incorporated the below approvals in to our busines model. Therefore, before any shipment is authorized below approvals need to be obtained by the Quality controlling team.

  • Fit approval.
  • Fabric Quality approval.
  • Lab dip approval.
  • Print/Embroidery approval.
  • Hanger/Accessories approval.
  • Pre-production sample approval.
  • Bulk fabrics approval for colour/quality.
  • Production sample approval.
  • Test reports approval.
  • Packing Methods approval.
  • AQL reports approval.

STEP 5: Quality

A Garment without quality is NO garment at all. Hence we have given our atmost importance to the quality of our garments. We have formulated tactical checkpoints in the process of our orders so that no quality defects goes unnoticed. The check points are,

  • When the bulk fabric comes in, a piece of fabric is cut and then send to a preferred test house. The actual result is send to our buyers.
  • When the bulk fabric comes in, a piece of fabric is cut and in-house testing is done for pilling, shrinkage and dimensional stability. Only if the results are in acceptable range, bulk production is allowed to the factory.
  • For each and every order two online inspections is done to ensure the factories follow our buyers comments precisely.
  • All the orders are inspected with in the standards of the AQL 2.5. Only if the goods pass these standards the shipments are allowed to move the port.