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Organic Clothing Manufacturers Vs Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers in India – Is there any difference?


Even though Organic clothing manufacturing and Sustainable clothing manufacturing process is similar in nature and can be used for the same clothing, if you look in depth, there are few key differences between organic clothing manufacturers vs sustainable clothing manufacturers. Organic clothing mentions the clothing (i.e) An organic clothing is made up of Organic yarn – which is grown from agricultural fields free of pesticides. A clothing can also be called as organic clothing if it uses organic dyes such as vegetable dyes. To know about how organic vegetable dyes is applied to clothing, you can read my article here.

Sustainable clothing manufacturing process mentions the manufacturing process rather than the product itself (i.e) When the clothing manufacturer uses Wind energy or solar energy to manufacture garments, then they can classified as Sustainable clothing manufacturers. Usage of recycled fabric, waste fabric to make clothing & apparel is also called as Sustainable clothing manufacturing process. These are few of the key differences between an organic clothing manufacturer and a sustainable clothing manufacturer in India.

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