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Mens & Women’s Private label clothing manufacturers vs Wholesale Catalogue apparel manufacturers in Tirupur India – What’s the difference?


Private label mens women’s clothing manufacturers in India are clothing manufacturers, who manufacture clothing based on tech packs, designs, measurements sent by the buyers. Basically, private label clothing mens women’s clothing manufacturers do not design the product but only focus on manufacturing brands that are owned by clothing importers and retailers. Most of the export oriented clothing manufacturing factories in Tirupur, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & Ludhiana are mens women’s children’s private label clothing manufacturers. These manufacturers do not own any brands but work for clothing brands based out of North America and Europe. They strictly work based on Minimum order quantities.

Wholesale Catalogue apparel manufacturers are clothing manufacturers, who design their own catalogue, manufacture clothing based on their catalogue, stock the goods up and then sell the clothing to small and medium sized retailers with in India. There are wholesale market places within these clothing manufacturing cities, which acts as a market place for the wholesale catalogue clothing manufacturers and the buyers to meet. For example:- an area in tirupur called “Khadar pettai” is famous for wholesale clothing and is a famous market place in Tirupur, India. These wholesale mens & women’s clothing manufacturers do not work on Minimum order quantities. These are the basic difference between a private label mens women’s clothing manufacturer vs wholesale mens women’s catalogue apparel manufacturer.

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