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What is athletic or active leisure wear or athleisure wear clothing manufacturers?

What is athletic or active leisure wear or athleisure wear clothing?

Athletic or active leisure wear, commonly referred to as “athleisure” clothing, is a type of clothing made by leisure wear manufacturers and designed for physical activity and fitness that can also be worn for everyday use. It combines the comfort and functionality of athletic wear with the fashion and style of casual clothing.

Athleisure clothing typically includes items such as leggings, joggers, hoodies, sweatshirts, and sports bras that are made by leisure wear manufacturers from breathable and stretchy materials like spandex and polyester. They are designed to be comfortable and provide a full range of motion for activities like yoga, running, and weightlifting.

However, athleisure clothing has become increasingly popular as casual wear, with people wearing it for activities like grocery shopping or running errands. Athleisure clothing is often styled with other casual clothing items like sneakers and denim jackets to create a comfortable yet fashionable look.

The athleisure trend has become a major force in the fashion industry, with many major brands offering their own lines of athleisure clothing.