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Clothing manufacturers in India – Will they be affected by the World Recession 2022?


,Recession for clothing manufacturing industry in simple terms means decline in clothing sales all over the world and in turn resulting in reduction of quantities from the clothing buyers – which results in reduced clothing manufacturing activity. Recession can happen for any number of reasons but the World recession 2022 has happened mainly because of Covid-19, Inflation, Russian – Ukraine war & the subsequent sanctions made by Europe and Russia.

Now the question is, will the entire clothing manufacturing industry, which includes clothing manufacturers in tirupur, clothing manufacturers in bangalore, chennai, mumbai and rest of India will be affected by the world recession 2022. Answer is no. Not every clothing manufacturer will be affected by the recession. If a clothing manufacturer has portfolio of buyers from varieties of different countries and continents, then that clothing manufacturer might not necessarily be affected by the recession – the reason being that different buyers caters to different markets and different countries react to recession differently. For Example:- Even during the Great 2008 Recession of the US, India’s economic growth was not affected substantially, after a slight tip, India’s economy bounced back. But if a clothing manufacturer is dependant on one single clothing buyer and also manufacturers only for a particular country then there is every chance that he will be affected by the World recession 2022. 

Therefore it is very important for the clothing manufacturer in India to work with several buyers and also several countries so that effect of the world recession 2022 will be very low. Now also is the time to use digital marketing as a primary tool for your marketing efforts because with recession will not allow the clothing buyers to travel often and they will use the internet as the medium to start a relationship with the clothing factory.